Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Rising Authors Tag

So I was tagged to do this tag by +Mironiel Blokzyl of Middle-earth @ Life of a Mirkwood Elf
Thank you very much for tagging me Mironiel!!
I am SO sorry for taking SO long to do this!! I'm terrible.
1. Write a post thanking the person who tagged you: include the tag, the 11 questions asked, your answers, and, in reply to the request for a small piece of prose or poetry, share a 150-word story.
2. At the end of the post, provide 11 new questions.
3. Request a brief 150-word story from the people you tagged.
4. Tag at least one person, and include a link to their blog.
11 questions:
- Do you write to music?
- How many stories have you written?(and completed)
I've written a lot of stories, and I've probably finished half of them... maybe?
- First person present, or third person past?
- Do you prefer to write fantasy, or contemporary?
I've actually never written anything fantasy.
- Do you act out scenes before you write them?
I do not. I do however, read what I write out loud and sometimes I use different voices for the different characters. I do this in solitude. 
- Kill the main character, or kill everyone they love?
It depends on the story...
- Write on paper or on the computer?
Both. I usually write on the computer first, then print it off and edit it with pencil. Then I go back to the word document and input the changes I did on paper. Then I write a whole bunch more and do it all over.
- On average, how many words do you write in one session?
It depends... usually over 200 though.
- Fanfiction: yea or nay?
That's for me to know and for you not to find out :)

 - Do you ever want to be published?
What writer doesn't?

 - Do you plot everything out before you start writing, or do you just make everything up as you go along?
I just make it up as I go!
150 word story blurb:
[[ As I reach the top of the fire escape and step onto the roof, the wind whips my hair into my face so hard that it stings. I should have brought a pony tail, not that it really matters now.
 A few short strides later I reach the edge of the roof, I don’t look down. Instead I gaze upwards, just as a flock of birds flies over me. They look so free. I feel the warmth of the setting sun on my face and I know it is the last time I’ll see the sun.
I spread my arms like wings, stretching as far as I can and splaying my fingers wide. I take a deep breath, and jump.
For a fleeting moment I’m suspended in the air, I feel as if I could soar away with the birds above me. It is the most beautiful sensation I have ever felt. ]]
If you want to read this whole story then go here:
My 11 questions:
Umm... I don't have anyone to tag. So writing 11 question that no one will answer would be useless.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Infinity Dreams Award Tag

 I was tagged to do this by my friend +Mironiel Blokzyl of Middle-earth! Check out her awesome blog here!
Thanks for tagging me Mironiel!! I know you tagged me to do this all the way back in March but, better late then never I guess XD

Eleven facts abut me.
1. I love coffee (like love, love, love it).

2. I once counted out loud from 1 to 1,000. My family was very annoyed.
3. I collect bookmarks. I have way too many.
(I seriously need this bookmark though!!)
4. I love to eat frozen raspberries. Just try it. Trust me, you'll love it.
5.  My favorite household chore is folding bed sheets.
6. If I really, really feel in the mood for it, I can draw pretty well (I'm rarely in the mood to draw though).
7. Me and mushrooms do not mix.
8. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?! Oh please. You've obliviously never had a nutella and marmalade sandwich.
 9. I am the type of person who read more then one book at a time.
10. One of my favorite stores is IKEA. I love walking through the displays and following the path with the little arrows showing you where to go. I think I might be a bit weird XD
11. I love to look at stock photos of people 'playing' violin. You can tell they don't actually play in real life.

Eleven questions:
1. Coffee or Tea?

2. YES PLEASE *grabby hands* to movie adaptations of your favorite books or NO PLEASE JUST NO to movie adaptations of your favorite books?
YES PLEASE!! I love movies.

3. If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?
The healing factor, like Wolverine.

4. Favorite band?

5. Favorite fandom?
LOTR/The Hobbit? Marvel? DC? I can't choose between those three!

6. Favorite food?
Basically anything sweet! Candy, ice cream, cake... you get the idea.

7. Actually sleep at night, or READ ALL THE BOOKS?!

8. Cry over a book, or not?
Been there, done that.

10. Worst book you ever read?
Memoir of Sukey Harley. Worst. Book. Ever!

11. If could met your favorite celebrity, but could only say one thing, what would you say?
Probably nothing, I'd be soooooo shy.
 Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
Thank the blogger who tagged you
Tell us 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions
Tag 11 bloggers
I don't really have anyone to tag... so I'm tagging no one.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I'm not a huge fan of poetry (whether writing it or reading it), my sister has always been the poet of our family. I do however, write a poem or two occasionally.
I write poetry when the urge strikes me or when I am feeling really, really low, resulting in rather depressing poems. I rarely share my poems with anyone but the poem below has met the approval of my poet sister so... here is a depressing poem to brighten your day (not)!
As you may notice, the poem does not rhyme. At first I though that if it didn't rhyme, it wasn't a poem but as it turns out it's not so. A poem that doesn't rhyme is called 'free verse'.
And um... that's all.
(I really need to find a non weird/lame way to end my posts)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I saw this tag on my friend +Mironiel Blokzyl of Middle-earth's blog and thought it looked fun, so I asked her if I could do it and she said yes. So without further ado, here it goes!
1) A popular book/series that everyone loved, but you hated.
I would have to say The Hunger Games. Although I did not hate it, I actually did enjoy the first book. Everything just went downhill for me in the second and third book (I didn't even finish reading the third book).
2) A popular book/series that everyone seems to hate, but you loved.
That would be The Maze Runner. My dad read it and he really didn't like it, I on the other hand really enjoyed it. I am in the middle of reading The Death Cure and have yet to read The Kill Order.
3) A love triangle where the main character did not end up with the love interest that you wanted them to end up with.
Umm... I don't think I have had this before. I never really care about romance period in books.
4) A popular genre that you never seem to read.
That would have to be the whole YA genre. I seem to have a hard time finding good ones, the YA books that I have read (or tried to read) have either swearing or descriptive romance (yuck).

 5) A popular or beloved character that you did not like, but everyone else seems to love.
Peeta from The Hunger Games. Ugh, just gross. He annoyed me to no end. He was just so... dumb.
6) A popular author whose books you just can't get into.
I don't usually judge a book by it's author. I just read the book and if I like it, I like it.
7) A book trope that your tired of seeing.
Sneezing while hiding. Seriously!! I don't know how many books I have read this in. A character will be hiding from some one and then... "She felt her nose begin to itch..."

 But of course... "Then she sneezed."
Arugh!!! Just stop!
8) A popular book series that you have no interest in reading.
9) What tv show/movie adaptation of a book/series did you enjoy more than the work it was based off of.
This is a really good one I would have to say... Marry Poppins.
In the book Mary Poppins is mean, and she lies to the kids. Julie Andrews is amazing as Mary Poppins. The movie was just a whole ton better then the book.
And here ends the Unpopular Opinions book tag.
Anyone who ants to do this, feel free to and have fun!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Lindsey Stirling - Heist

As soon as I saw Lindsey in that car I thought to myself, "This is going to be amazing." I wasn't disappointed.
I really enjoy music videos that tell a story, music videos that consist mostly only of shots that show the singer/artist flinging their hair (or other random things) around, has never appealed to me.
If you feel the same way then you will like this video. It is very creative and has a clear storyline in which you can actually tell what's going on. Some other music videos do have a storyline but it lacks clarity, leaving you confused and wondering what the blazes you just saw.
Anywho, on to some of my favorite pats of the video.

Seeing Lindsey kick butt was epic! She did an amazing job with the fighting sequences.

A violin with killer sound waves? AWESOME!!! As soon as I saw it hanging there I was like "YES!"
Really, Lindsey's music videos just keep getting better and better! I wont say any more about this video though, you have to watch it for yourself. So here:
Your welcome.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


So... I am going to start posting on this blog again, because I feel like it!
Thanks you for taking the time to read the shortest and most boring blog post ever.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chocolate Books

I would first like to say thank you to +Mironiel Blokzyl of Middle-earth  for tagging me over on her blog

Dark Chocolate(a book that covers a dark topic):
 I don't think I have read any books of this kind.

   White Chocolate(a light and humorous read):
 Lawn Boy

   Milk Chocolate(a book with a lot of hype that you are dying to read):
I don't really have a book that I'm dying to read.
I am looking forward to getting The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth from the library!! 

Caramel filled Chocolate(a book that makes you feel all gooey inside):
The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook!!  

Wafer-less Kit Kat( a book that surprised you):
 Not My Will 

Snickers(a book your going nuts about):
Triumph on Ice, and Tessa and Scott!!!
I borrow these books from the library so often I basically own them :) 

 Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows(a book you turn to for comfort):
 The Bible. 

  A Box of Chocolates(a series you feel has something for everyone):
Pie!!! Its not from a series but its really great!!

Now I tag:
1. Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood 
2. Elizabeth Lindsey @ Clear Creations Photography Blog
4. Neigh Girl @ Whinny and Whimsy
Have fun ladies :)